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Chris Brokaw and Geoff Farina's LP "All Out & Down" was released April 10, 2016.
See this image full size. Read about the album here.

2017 shows

Jan 17, 2017 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Seattle, WA, at MUSICQUARIUM, instrumental music for classical and electric guitars, 8-10pm, FREE

Chris Brokaw European Solo Tour
February 2017
Acoustic + electric solo tour of Europe. New LP in February on Jellyfant, new CD "The Hand That Wrote This Letter" on Capitan in March. Come on out!

Feb 1 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Florence, Italy, at Circolo Arci Il Progresso

Feb 2 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Pescara, Italy, at Futuro Imperfetto

Feb 3 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Vitulazio, Italy, at Mr. Rolly's

Feb 4 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Cosenza, Italy, at Cafe Libraire

Feb 5 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Avellino, Italy, at Godot Art Bistrot

Feb 6 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Milano, Italy, at Gatto

Feb 7 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Ravenna, Italy, at Fargo

Feb 8 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Rome, Italy, at Black Market in Monti

Feb 9 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Venice, Italy, at Al Billardi

Feb 10 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Lausanne, Switzerland, at Le Bourg

Feb 12 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Munich, Germany, at Atelier Gut

Feb 13 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic, at Siroko Cafe -- Ostinato Festival

Feb 14 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Melnik, Czech Republic, at Nocni Bar Dira

Feb 15 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Berlin, Germany, at Schokoladen

Feb 16 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Darmstadt, Germany, venue TBA

Feb 17 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Oberhausen, Germany, at AKA 103

Feb 18 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Venlo, Netherlands, at Sounds (2pm show)

Feb 18 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Rotterdam, Netherlands, at Koffie + Ambacht (8pm show)

Feb 19 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Duesseldorf, Germany, at Kassette

Feb 20 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Zichem, Belgium -- house show

Feb 22 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Gent, Belgium, at Kinky Star

Feb 23 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Metz, France, at La Chaouee

Feb 24 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Paris, France, at Chair de Poule

Feb 26 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Nantes, France, at Cafe de la Ribine

Feb 27 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Rennes, France, at Chapelle de l'Hotel Dieu

April 12 -- Craft Lecture at Northwest Film Forum on Film Scoring
Seattle, WA, at Northwest Film Forum, 7-9pm. Chris will lead a symposium on his work composing music and sound for film. Highlights will include: music that doesn't need to sound good on its own (or like music at all); the challenges in creating music that doesn't tell the audience what it's supposed to feel; seeking new palettes in sound and expression; and creating real live sounds with real life objects. Details here.

April 16 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Seattle, WA, at Al + Brie's house, w/ CJ BOYD; electric + acoustic guitars + vocals (inquire for details)

April 17 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Boise, SD, Living Room Show; electric + acoustic guitars + vocals (inquire for details)

April 20 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Chicago, IL, at Landland, w/GEOFF FARINA; electric + acoustic guitars + vocals

April 21 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Pittsburgh, PA -- at Bloomfield Bridge Tavern

April 29 -- Screening of "La Barracuda"
Boston, MA, at the Independent Film Festival of Boston. Screening of the new independent film "LA BARRACUDA" at 9:30pm at the Somerville Theater. Chris will be in attendance for a Q and A afterwards with directors Julia Halperin and Jason Cortlund. Chris scored the film, which premiered to great acclaim at South By Southwest 2017. Read an interview with the filmmakers; find tickets here.

May 7 -- Chris Brokaw and Kevin Micka
Cambridge, MA, at Blue Bag Records

May 12 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Allston, MA, house party, w/ANNI ROSSI

June 2 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Florence, MA, at Yod Space, w/ALAN LICHT + BILL NACE

June 5 -- Jimena Bermejo / Chris Brokaw Duo
NY, NY, at Judson Church, details here

June 21 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Jamaica Plain, MA, at the Midway Cafe, w/JIM HOBBS and THE FULLY CELEBRATED ORCHESTRA

June 23 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, and performing songs with Songs: Molina (Magnolia Electric Co)
Brooklyn, NY, at Littlefield; details here

June 24 -- Jimena Bermejo / Chris Brokaw Duo
Cambridge, MA, at Green Street Studios, in a performance of 8x8 Choreographers / Composers presented by Mobius @ Green Street Studios. Details here and advance tickets here.

June 24 (late) -- Chris performs songs with Songs: Molina (Magnolia Electric Co)
Somerville, MA, at The Rockwell; details here

June 26 -- Chris Brokaw / Rob Madrick Duo
Charlestown, MA, at Tavern At The End of the World

July 29 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Oak Bluffs, MA, at the Oak Bluffs Library, w/THALIA ZEDEK

Aug 1 -- Highland Kitchen Spelling Bee
Somerville, MA, at Highland Kitchen, Chris plays guitar at the monthly Highland Kitchen Spelling Bee

Aug 5-6 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Cambridge, MA, at Zuzu, 11:30am, Chris presents music for electric guitar and brunch

Aug 5-6 -- Possum
Charlestown, MA, at Tavern at the End of the World, Chris sitting in with Possum

Aug 8 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Cambridge, MA, at Out of the Blue Gallery. Chris will be doing a set for electronics opening for the DC duo PAPER BALLS featuring JEFF BARSKY aka Insect Factory. Walter Noons and Graham Forbes also perform.

Aug 12 -- Jimena Bermejo / Chris Brokaw Duo
South Boston, MA, at the Distillery Gallery. Jimena Bermejo and Chris Brokaw present NEW WORKS/NEW CONFIGURATIONS, from 6-10pm. Music, dance, poetry and prose featuring Alissa Cardone, Bill Nace, Matt Krefting, Sarah Slifer Swift, Jen Polins, Nora Meiners, Sean and Dan McCarthy, Empty House Cooperative and more. Jimena and Chris will present a new work for slide guitars and dance. (Watch their performance here.) Part of the MOBIUS SUMMER SERIES.

Aug 12-13 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Cambridge, MA, at Zuzu, 11:30am, Chris plays instumental electric guitar

Aug 26 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Montpelier, VT, house concert. Classical, 12 string + electric guitars and vocals, w/special guests.

Aug 28 -- Possum
Charlestown, MA, at Tavern at the End of the World, Chris sitting in on drums with Rob and Jamie of Possum

Sept 9 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Cambridge, MA, at Zuzu, noon-2pm, Chris plays solo guitar

Sept 9 -- Chris Brokaw Rock Band
Oak Bluffs (Martha's Vineyard), MA, as part of the Best Fest. The band is CB (guitar/voice) Dave Carlson (bass) Pete Kopelin (drums), w/ Kahoots and Nina Violet; see poster and lineup here

Sept 10 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Cambridge, MA, at Zuzu, noon-2pm, Chris plays solo guitar

Sept 16 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Cambridge, MA, at Zuzu, noon-2pm, Chris plays solo guitar

Sept 20 -- Chris Brokaw Rock Band
Jamaica Plain, MA, at the Midway Cafe, w/E, Crown Larks, Gold Dime. The band is CB (guitar/voice) Dave Carlson (bass) Pete Kopelin (drums)

Sept 23 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Cambridge, MA, at Zuzu, noon-2pm, Chris plays solo guitar

Sept 23 -- Chris Brokaw and Friends
Cambrdge, MA, at Lilypad, w/NINA VIOLET AND THE SHOWTIMES, BIFF ROSE -- Chris is going into the studio soon to complete his next lp END OF THE NIGHT, for VDSQ Records ~ instrumental electric guitar music with some additional players chiming in. In prep for the session he's playing some of this music at Lilypad with Luther Gray on drums and Dave Curry on viola/etc

Sept 24 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Cambridge, MA, at Zuzu, noon-2pm, Chris plays solo guitar

Sept 28 -- Chris Brokaw Presents the Films of Peter Hutton
Cambridge, MA, at the Brattle Theatre. Experimental filmmaker Peter Hutton (1944-2016) is renowned for his silent cinematic portraits primarily of landscapes and cities. Chris will present 5 short films by Hutton -- 3 with live scores, 2 in their original state -- with audience discussion after. Beautiful and pivotal works by this late great auteur. New scores will be performed live on electric guitar, melodica, tapes and electronics. Films to be shown: "Florence" (1975), "Landscape (for Manon)" (1986), "Time and Tide" (2000), "In Titan's Goblet" (1991), and "Boston Fire" (1979). "The fact that these films were deliberately created without a soundtrack isn't necessarily the most interesting thing about them," says Chris, "but is intriguing to those of us interested in sound and its role in narrative -- these films inspire a series of questions worth exploring." Details at the Brattle website.

Sept 30 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Cambridge, MA, at Zuzu, noon-2pm, Chris plays solo guitar

Sept 30 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, and Possum
Cambridge, MA, free outdoor show at Pleasant Place. Possumpalooza w/ Possum, Ryan Lee Crosby, CB and more

Oct 6 -- Release of "La Barracuda"
"La Barracuda," a feature film with a score by chris, opens October 6 at selected locations nationally. Details here and on Twitter at @LaBarracudaFilm

Nov-Dec 2017 -- Chris Brokaw East Coast / Midwest Tour
Dates to be announced

Jan-Feb 2018 -- Chris Brokaw Europe Tour
Dates to be announced

[last updated Sept 20, 2017]


Chris' February 2017 European tour starts with nine shows in Italy.
(See this poster full size.)

chris brokaw solo
CHRIS began playing solo in late 1999. initially, the shows were for solo electric guitar and tambourine, but he eventually added vocals, and finally switched to acoustic guitar in 2002. chris also performed in 2005 and 2006 with the CHRIS BROKAW ROCK BAND featuring jeff goddard (ex-karate) on bass and kevin coultas (ex-rodan) on drums, and in 2011 with elisha wiesner (kahoots) on bass and sal esposito (kahoots) on drums. chris' solo records include "red cities" (2002), "wandering as water" (2003), "my confidante + 3" (2004), "i was born, but. . ." original film score (2004), "incredible love" (2005), the "forestry" EP (2007), "canaris" (2008), "gracias, ghost of the future" (2009), "vdsq solo acoustic volume three, "stories" (2011), "Gambler's Ecstasy" (2012), "'Now, Forager' Soundtrack" (2014), and "The Periscope Twins" (2015).

chris brokaw and geoff farina
chris and GEOFF FARINA (ex-karate) have been performing together since late 2006. their "THE ANGEL'S MESSAGE TO ME" is an album comprised almost entirely of pre-WWII blues songs. it was released on damnably records in the uk + europe march 18 2010 and in the US on chris's label CAPITAN RECORDS on april 27 2010. their cd "THE BOARDER'S DOOR" was released in the autumn of 2010. their newest LP, "ALL OUT & DOWN" was released in April 2016 (special tour edition) on Landland.

empty house cooperative
THE EMPTY HOUSE COOPERATIVE is a free-floating collective of musicians, spearheaded and masterminded by multi-instrumentalist DAVID MICHAEL CURRY (willard grant conspiracy, thalia zedek, will oldham, boxhead ensemble) and specializing in improvised music. the ehc has existed for over 12 years. recordings include the full-length cd "improvisational music" (2001) on hinah records in france, featuring a trio of curry, brokaw and cellist jonah sacks, and "painted plane" (2004). LANCHASHIRE + SOMERSET Records, of bishops castle, UK, will release ehc's vinyl debut in 2011. brokaw, curry and sacks performed with the american repertory theatre in march 2003, in the production of "highway ulysses."

empty house cooperative
The Martha's Vineyard Ferries, Nov 28 2016

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