chris brokaw

film scoring

Chris began scoring films in 2004 with Roddy Bogawa's feature "I Was Born But", and has to date scored these works:

  • I WAS BORN BUT (2004, Roddy Bogawa)
  • ROAD (2005, Leslie McCleave)
  • SOSPIRA (2010, Lana Z Caplan)
  • NOW, FORAGER (2012, Julia Halperin+Jason Cortlund)
  • BARRACUDA (2017, Julia Halperin+Jason Cortlund)
  • MOTHER'S GARDEN (2018, Derek Johnson)
  • BUCK RUN (2019, Nick Frangione)

"Road" won the award for Best Original Score at the Brooklyn International Film Festival. Both 'Now, Forager' and 'Taken By Storm' enjoyed week long screenings at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Chris also composed music for 3 "Heni Talks" directed by Roddy Bogawa in 2018:

  • Jonas Mekas: The Making of Andy Warhol's 'Empire' (watch)
  • Ashley Bickerton: Looking For Something Beyond (watch)
  • Under The Gaze: The Art of Cindy Sherman (watch)

Chris says:

"I love scoring films, and welcome new work and collaborations. I find it both intuitive and challenging. My hope is to give a director what she/he wants while surprising us both in the process. I tend to work entirely with physical instruments and play most of it myself, though I have employed other musicians from time to time. I also try to bring both standard and unorthodox approaches to sound design."

Trailers from some of Chris' work: