chris brokaw

poster jan 2004
poster for early 2004 shows

2004 shows

jan 8 -- chris brokaw solo
denver, co, at the climax lounge

jan 10 -- chris brokaw solo
denver, co, house concert -- info:

jan 16 -- chris brokaw solo
louisville, ky, at rudyard's, w/jason noble and second story man

jan 18 -- chris brokaw solo
chicago, il, at the empty bottle

jan 23 -- chris brokaw solo
madison, wi, at the catacombs coffeehouse

mar 12 -- chris brokaw solo
cambridge, ma, at the zeitgeist gallery

mar 13 -- chris brokaw solo
oak bluffs, ma, at offshore ale

i was born but . . . poster mar 14 -- chris brokaw solo
new york, ny, at starfoods (performance at a party for the new york underground film festival; roddy bogawa's "i was born, but . . ." with soundtrack by chris premiered this night at the festival)

mar 19 -- the new year
austin, tx, at exodus (SXSW festival -- showcase w/calexico, silkworm, pw long, etc.)

mar 20 -- consonant
austin, tx, at club deville (SXSW festival -- showcase w/ buck 65, read yellow, etc)

mar 20 -- chris brokaw solo
austin tx, at red eyed fly (SXSW festival -- showcase w/silkworm, sally crewe, joel phelps, thalia zedek, britt daniel, etc.) (see a photo and review)

mar 28 -- chris brokaw solo
madison, wi, house concert

mar 29 -- chris brokaw solo
portsmouth, nh, at the red door

apr 2 -- chris brokaw solo
bologna, italy, at covo

apr 3 -- chris brokaw solo
rome, italy, at init, w/laura veis and jenifer jackson

apr 4 -- chris brokaw solo
pescara, italy, at indie rocket festival

apr 5 -- chris brokaw solo
bari, italy, at fleurs du mal

apr 6 -- chris brokaw solo
calascibetta, sicily, at terre rare

apr 7 -- chris brokaw solo
villa rosa, sicily, at pelle d'oca club

apr 8 -- chris brokaw solo
giarre, sicily, at c.p.g.

apr 9 -- chris brokaw solo
catania, sicily, at mercati generali

apr 10 -- chris brokaw solo
vittoria, sicily, at la mangiatoia; chris also was a keynote speaker about the iraq war at a forum before the show (see red and black poster at right)

apr 11 -- chris brokaw solo
marina di gioiosa jonica, italy, at blu dahlia

apr 14 -- chris brokaw solo
cadiz, spain, at aulario la bomba w/grupo salvaje

apr 15 -- chris brokaw solo
granada, spain, at planta baja

apr 16 -- chris brokaw solo
murcia, spain, at la yeseria

apr 17 -- chris brokaw solo
castellon, spain, at caf? teatro club

apr 19 -- chris brokaw solo
lisbon, portugal, at galeria ze dos bois

apr 20 -- chris brokaw solo
porto, portugal, at o meu mercedes

apr 21 -- chris brokaw solo
a coruna, spain, at playa club; chris also participated in a panel discussion about being an independent musician earlier in the day (see black and white poster at right)

apr 22 -- chris brokaw solo
sevilla, spain, at teatro central w/the clientele and the zephyrs

apr 23 -- chris brokaw solo
madrid, spain, at caf? de la dinamo

apr 24 -- chris brokaw solo
barcelona, spain, at la boite

apr 25 -- chris brokaw solo
zarautz, spain, at gazteleku

may 2 -- chris brokaw solo
cleveland, oh, at beachland ballroom, w/manta ray and thalia zedek

may 3 -- chris brokaw solo
pittsburgh, pa, at the eye, w/manta ray and thalia zedek

may 4 -- chris brokaw solo
detroit, mi, at the lagerhouse, w/manta ray and thalia zedek

may 5 -- chris brokaw solo
chicago, il, at the empty bottle, w/manta ray and thalia zedek

may 6 -- chris brokaw solo
louisville, ky, at uncle pleasant's, w/antietam

may 7 -- chris brokaw solo
knoxville, tn, at the pilot light, w/antietam

may 8 -- chris brokaw solo
ashville, nc, at vincent's ear, w/antietam

may 9 -- chris brokaw solo
chapel hill, nc, at the go room, w/antietam

may 10 -- chris brokaw solo
columbus, oh, at andyman's treehouse

may 14 -- chris brokaw solo
glasgow, scotland, at nice and sleazy's

may 15 -- chris brokaw solo
edinburgh, scotland, at bannerman's

may 16 -- chris brokaw solo
london, england, at cargo

may 18 -- chris brokaw solo
nottingham, england, at the social

may 24 -- steve wynn and the miracle thirty
ny, ny, at the lakeside lounge: surprise tribute show to steve wynn

may 28 -- chris brokaw solo
madison, wi, at the slipper club, w/rivulets

may 29 -- chris brokaw solo
duluth, mn, at the mac, w/rivulets (photos)

may 30 -- chris brokaw solo
minneapolis, mn, at the kitty cat klub, w/rivulets

june 1 -- chris brokaw solo
bloomington, in, basement show at walnut and 15th, w/early day miners and the impossible shapes

june 4 -- chris brokaw solo and empty house cooperative
cambridge, ma, at the first parish church

june 8 -- the new year
austin, tx, at emo's, w/tortoise

june 9 -- the new year
dallas, tx, at gypsy tea room, w/tortoise

june 10 -- the new year
houston, tx, at the engine room, w/tortoise

june 13 -- chris brokaw solo
new york city, ny, at tonic, w/the naysayer and the mad scene

june 16 -- chris brokaw solo
cambridge, ma, at tt's, w/ben lee

june 18 -- chris brokaw solo
martha's vineyard, ma, at the island house, w/kahoots

july 6 -- chris brokaw solo
cambridge, ma, at the lizard lounge, 7-9pm. no cover. chris will play 2 sets, acoustic and electric.

july 8 -- the new year
portland, me, at the space

july 9 -- the new year
cambridge, ma, at tt's

july 10 -- the new year
ny, ny, at the knitting factory

july 11 -- the new year
philadelphia, pa, at north star

july 12 -- the new year
washington, dc, at black cat

july 14 -- the new year
detroit, mi, at the magic stick

july 15 -- the new year
chicago, il, at schuba's

july 16 -- the new year
chicago, il, at schuba's

july 17 -- the new year
cleveland, oh, at the grog shop

july 24 -- chris brokaw solo
kalamazoo, mi, at the kraftbrau

july 29 -- chris brokaw solo
cambridge, ma, at tt's, w/david grubbs and drew o'doherty

july 30 -- chris brokaw solo
new york, ny, at the knitting factory, w/the clientele

aug 8 -- chris brokaw solo
provincetown, ma, at the new art lounge

aug 9 -- chris brokaw solo
portsmouth, nh, at the red door

aug 20 -- chris brokaw solo
chicago, il, at the hungry brain (afterparty show for screening of "i was born, but . . ." at the chicago underground film festival. see for further details)

aug 27 -- chris brokaw solo
dresden, germany, at scheune

sept 15 -- chris brokaw solo
pawtucket, ri, at the pawtucket film festival

sept 17 -- chris brokaw solo
oak bluffs, ma, at offshore ale

sept 18 -- chris brokaw solo
easthampton, ma, at the brass cat, w/kahoots

oct 1 -- chris brokaw solo
providence, ri, at the century lounge, w/karate

oct 2 -- chris brokaw solo
portland, me, at the space, w/karate

oct 3 -- chris brokaw solo
new haven, ct, at the bar night club, w/karate

oct 8 -- chris brokaw solo
denver, co, at the climax lounge

oct 9 -- chris brokaw solo
boulder, co, house concert at susie's

oct 12 -- chris brokaw solo
albany, ny, at valentine's, w/karate

oct 13 -- chris brokaw solo
cleveland, oh, at the beachland ballroom, w/karate

oct 14 -- chris brokaw solo
hamtramck, mi, at small's, w/karate

oct 15 -- chris brokaw solo
louisville, ky, at uncle pleasant's, w/karate

oct 16 -- chris brokaw solo
st louis, mo, at rocketbar, w/karate

oct 17 -- chris brokaw solo
chicago, il, at schuba's, w/karate

oct 18 -- chris brokaw solo
minneapolis, mn, at the triple rock social club, w/karate

oct 19 -- chris brokaw solo
ames, iowa, at the maintenance shop, w/karate

oct 20 -- chris brokaw solo
lawrence, ks, at the bottleneck, w/karate

oct 21 -- chris brokaw solo
norman, ok, at the opolis, w/karate

oct 22 -- chris brokaw solo
dallas, tx, at the gypsy tea room, w/karate

oct 25 -- chris brokaw solo
tallahassee, fl, at the club downunder, w/karate

oct 26 -- chris brokaw solo
tampa fl, at the orpheum, w/karate

oct 27 -- chris brokaw solo
orlando, fl, at the social, w/karate

oct 28 -- chris brokaw solo
atlanta, ga, at the earl, w/karate

oct 29 -- chris brokaw solo
raleigh, nc, at the king's lounge, w/karate

oct 30 -- chris brokaw solo
richmond, va, at virgina commonwealth university, w/karate

oct 31 -- chris brokaw solo
washington, dc, at the warehouse next door, w/karate

nov 3 -- chris brokaw solo
paris, france, at la guinguette pirate (see a photo and review in french)

nov 4 -- chris brokaw solo
reims, france, at crous

nov 5 -- the new year
london, england, at the water rats (see a photo and review)

nov 6 -- the new year
santander, spain, at the tanned tin festival

nov 8 -- chris brokaw solo
nantes, france, at violon dingue (see photos from one of the france shows)

nov 9 -- chris brokaw solo
poitiers, france, w/xiu xiu

nov 10 -- chris brokaw solo
rennes, france, w/xiu xiu

nov 11 -- chris brokaw solo
strasbourg, france, at surfer rosa

nov 12 -- chris brokaw solo
geislingen, germany, at ratschenmuhle

nov 13 -- chris brokaw solo
offenbach, germany, at moschee

nov 14 -- chris brokaw solo
dresden, germany, at scheune, w/fuck

nov 16 -- chris brokaw solo
berlin, germany, at tacheles, w/joanna newsom

dec 4 -- chris brokaw solo
cambridge, ma, at the zeitgeist gallery -- cd release of chris' soundtrack to "i was born, but . . . " -- read chris' liner notes to the cd

dec 17 -- chris brokaw solo
montpelier, vt, at the langdon street cafe, w/guests matt kadane and mike donofrio (the new year)

[last updated nov 13, 2005]

Zeitgeist Poster

chris began playing solo in late 1999, at the prompting of good pal doug mccombs, opening shows for brokeback and nobokazu takemura. initially, the shows were for solo electric guitar and tambourine, but chris eventually added vocals, and finally switched to acoustic guitar in 2002. with the release of "red cities" in june 2002, chris played several shows on the east coast with a seven-piece band; but the live show, at the moment, is solo, and exactly like what can be heard on the 2003 cd "wandering as water." chris also has a 4-song ep out called "my confidante + 3, on 12XU records.

CONSONANT is a band showcasing the songwriting talents of CLINT CONLEY and HOLLY ANDERSON. its latest lp, "love and affliction," was released august 2003 on fenway recordings. videos of the band live and in the studio, as well as audio clips of the record, are online at the fenway site. clint is in the seminal band MISSION OF BURMA, while holly has worked as a writer and visual artist for many years in boston and new york. CONSONANT includes clint on guitar and vocals, winston bramen (count me outs, fuzzy, ex-come) on bass, matt kadane (the new year, silkworm) on drums, and mr. brokaw on guitar and vocals. consonant's debut lp was released in the spring of 2002 on fenway and was named the local record of the year by the boston phoenix.

the new year
THE NEW YEAR showcases the songwriting of matt and bubba kadane, best known for their work with the dallas band BEDHEAD. THE NEW YEAR includes the kadanes, peter schmidt on guitars, mike donofrio (saturnine) on bass, josh mckay on keyboards, and chris b. on drums. the band has two recordings: 2001's "newness ends," and the 2004 release "the end is near." both are out on touch and go records.

THE EMPTY HOUSE COOPERATIVE is a free-floating collective of musicians, spearheaded and masterminded by multi-instrumentalist DAVID MICHAEL CURRY (willard grant conspiracy, thalia zedek, will oldham, boxhead ensemble) and specializing in improvised music. the EHC has existed for several years and includes stalwart members of the music communities of boston, new york, montreal and louisville, ky. there are two recordings available to date: the full-length cd "improvisational music," on hinah records in france (a trio of curry, brokaw and cellist jonah sacks); and the track "lilacs" on the "acuarela songs" compilation from acuarela records, gijon, spain. hinah's web site also has downloadable mp3s of the ehc. brokaw, curry and sacks performed with the american repertory theatre in march 2003, in the production of "highway ulysses."

EVAN DANDO is a singer/songwriter based in new york city, formerly of THE LEMONHEADS. evan's solo debut, "baby i'm bored," was released in march 2003. chris played guitar and drums on several numbers, and penned the song "my idea" with tom morgan. chris began accompanying evan in june of 2001 at the fleadh festival in london, and since that time has toured with evan as both a duo and with a full band in the US, UK and australia.

PULLMAN is an instrumental combo and collaboration between bundy brown (ex-tortoise, bastro), doug mccombs (tortoise, brokeback, 11th dream day), curtis harvey (rex, letter e), and mr. brokaw. the group has been joined in performance by drummer tim barnes (jim o'rourke, silver jews), and has 2 lp's on thrill jockey.

JUMBO is a boston-based collective of musicians playing, primarily, circus music. the ensemble has existed since roughly 1995 and on any given night includes 20 to 40 members. performances are generally quite spirited and occasionally "ramshackle." JUMBO has "tackled" (sometimes quite literally) "the magical mystery tour," "the nutcracker," and an evening of film soundtracks. an extremely collectible 7-inch and even more collectible cassette of "the nutcracker" can be found, somewhere. bookings are sporadic and cause for great merry-making.

Poster, Sicily, April 10, 2004

Poster, Archit, April 4, 2004

sxsw fenway poster