chris brokaw

chris, 2011.

2012 shows

jan 8 -- chris brokaw solo
seattle, wa, at funhouse, w/chris forsyth and jeffrey taylor

jan 25 - feb 5 -- international film festival rotterdam
rotterdam, the netherlands; "NOW, FORAGER," a new dramatic feature that chris has composed the film score for, will have its world premiere in january

jan 31 - feb 9 2012

jan 30 -- chris brokaw solo
zurich, switzerland, at el lokal

jan 31 -- chris brokaw solo
bologna, italy, at unhip office

feb 1 -- chris brokaw solo
padova, italy, at la mela di newton

feb 2 -- chris brokaw solo
torino, italy, at blah blah

feb 3 -- chris brokaw solo
firenze, italy, at ex fila

feb 4 -- chris brokaw solo
fano, italy, at el paso

feb 5 -- chris brokaw solo
forli, italy, at recircolo

feb 7 -- chris brokaw solo
roma, italy, at unplugged in monti

feb 8 -- chris brokaw solo
pescara, italy, at maze eclectic circle

feb 9 -- chris brokaw solo

feb 10 -- chris brokaw solo
antwerp, belgium, at trix

World debut:
THE CATAMITES - Stephen O'Malley (Sunn O))), Khanate) / Chris Brokaw duo - BELGIUM TOUR
feb 11 - feb 13 2012

feb 11 -- the catamites
brussels, belgium, at les ateliers claus

feb 12 -- the catamites
ghent, belgium, at Icarus @ DOK

feb 13 -- the catamites
brussels, belgium, at magasin 4

feb 13 - feb 14 -- berlinale european film market
berlin, germany; screenings of "NOW, FORAGER," a new dramatic feature that chris has composed the film score for; feb 13 at 14:45 and feb 14 at 14:15

feb 23 -- "Taken By Storm" screening
new york, ny, at MOMA. this documentary of renowned record cover designer storm thorgerson was co-produced by chris and features music by him.

feb 27 -- chris brokaw solo
3pm: oak harbor, wa, at the oak harbor library

feb 27 -- chris brokaw solo
5:30pm: coupeville, wa, at the coupeville library

march 4 -- catamites trio (stephen o'malley, chris brokaw, randall dunn)
seattle, wa, at black lodge

march 6 -- "SOSPIRA" screening
lowell, ma, at the revolving museum; screening of lana z. caplan's documentary "SOSPIRA," about nine women who decide to start new lives along the amalfi coast of italy, featuring music by chris. details and trailer.

march 30 -- "NOW, FORAGER" screening
new york, ny, at the walter reade theater, lincoln center, as part of the "new directors / new films 2012" series presented by the Film Society of Lincoln Center and The Museum of Modern Art. chris wrote the soundtrack for this feature film. details and trailer.

april 1 -- "NOW, FORAGER" screening
new york, ny, at moma, as part of the "new directors / new films 2012" series

may 14 -- chris brokaw solo
seattle wa, at the black lodge, w/ spencer moody + guests

april - july, and nov 2012

on may 9, 2012, NUMERO GROUP will be releasing all 3 albums by chris' old band CODEINE as double albums and a 6-LP box set. all will feature numero's typical mind-boggling packaging, rarities, new and unearthed recordings, old photos and new essays. (tracklisting from numero; additional info here.) to herald these releases, the original lineup of codeine (chris, john engle, steve immerwahr) will play a select number of shows. see a video at and details at

april 9 -- codeine
seattle, wa, at sunset tavern

may 26 -- codeine
london, england, at all tomorrow's parties festival

may 27 -- codeine
brussels, belgium, at ab club

may 28 -- codeine
groningen, holland, at vera

may 29 -- codeine
berlin, germany, at the festsaal kreutzberg

may 30 -- codeine
vienna, austria, at szene

may 31 -- codeine
bologna, italy, at lokomotiv

june 1 -- codeine
barcelona, spain, at primavera sound

june 8 -- codeine
porto, portugal, at primavera sound

june 29 -- codeine
brooklyn, ny, at the bell house w/STEPHEN BRODSKY

june 30 -- codeine
allston, ma, at brighton music hall w/THALIA ZEDEK TRIO

july 1 -- codeine
chicago, il, at lincoln hall w/BROKEBACK

july 6 -- Christina Rosenvinge featuring Chris Brokaw & Refree
Roskilde, Denmark, at the Roskilde Music Festival, 14:00 at the Pavilion. Information here. Chris has played with Christina both on her records, including "tu labio superior" (warner music, spain, 2008), and on stage.

july 9 -- codeine
seattle, wa, at triple door w/SCOUT NIBLETT (Seattle Times review of show)

july 10 -- codeine
seattle, wa, 4pm live performance on KEXP radio; evening performance at triple door w/RIVULETS

july 11 -- codeine
portland, or, at doug fir lounge w/SCOUT NIBLETT & RIVULETS

july 12 -- codeine
san francisco, ca, at great american music hall w/MARK EITZEL

july 13 -- codeine
los angeles, ca, at echoplex w/MARK EITZEL

july 15 -- codeine
new york, ny, at le poisson rouge w/ANIMAL HOSPITAL and deejay Steve Lowenthal

nov -- codeine
japanese shows postponed to november, dates tba.

July 19 -- Chris Brokaw and Holly Anderson
Provincetown, MA, at AMP. Holly and Chris will perform "THE NIGHT SHE SLEPT WITH A BEAR." Details here.

July 21 -- "TAKEN BY STORM" and Chris Brokaw Solo
Seattle, WA, at the Northwest Film Forum. Director Roddy Bogawa will be on hand for the film, which features music and co-production by Chris. Chris will perform a short live set afterwards.

Aug 3 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Seattle, WA, at Porchlight Coffee, with guests tba

Aug 28 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Seattle, WA, at Tractor Tavern, opening for JOEL PHELPS AND THE DOWNER TRIO

Aug 31 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Vancouver, BC, with JOEL PHELPS

Sept 11 - Oct 27 2012
Opening for the amazing MONO, from Japan (see Mono's website and Mono on Facebook)

Sept 11 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
Pittsburgh, PA, at Mr. Smalls Theatre

Sept 12 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
Toronto, ON, at Legendary Horseshoe Tavern

Sept 13 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
Montreal, QC, at Il Motore

Sept 14 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
New York, NY, at Le Poisson Rouge

Sept 15 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
Brooklyn, NY, at Glasslands

Sept 16 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
Boston, MA, at Brighton Music Hall

Sept 17 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
Buffalo, NY, at Soundlab

Sept 18 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
Cleveland, OH, at Now That's Class

Sept 19 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
Columbus, OH, at Ace Of Cups

Sept 20 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
Bloomington, IN, at The Bishop

Sept 21 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
Chicago, IL, at Subterranean

Sept 22 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
Minneapolis, MN, at 7th Street Entry

Sept 23 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
Iowa City, IA, at Gabe's

Sept 25 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
Omaha, NE, at Waiting Room

Sept 26 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
Kansas City, MO, at The Riot Room

Sept 27 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
Denver, CO, at Larimer Lounge

Sept 28 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
Salt Lake City, UT, at Urban Lounge

Sept 29 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
Boise, ID, at Neurolux

Oct 1 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
Vancouver, BC, at The Media Club

Oct 2 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
Seattle, WA, at The Crocodile

Oct 3 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
Portland, OR, at Mississippi Studios

Oct 3 -- "NOW, FORAGER" Theatrical Opening
New York, NY, at the IFC Center. "NOW, FORAGER," which features an original score by Chris, will have its U.S. theatrical opening at New York's IFC Center, October 3-9. The directors will be in attendence. Other screenings are scheduled in October and November in New Orleans (New Orleans Film Festival), Bend, OR (BendFilm Festival), LA (Downtown Independent), Chicago (Gene Siskel Film Center), Minneapolis (Feast for the Eyes Festival), and Wroclaw, Poland (American Film Festival followed by theatrical opening). Check here for dates.

Oct 5 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
San Francisco, CA, at Rickshaw Stop

Oct 6 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
Los Angeles, CA, at Bootleg Bar

Oct 7 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
Pomona, CA, at The Glass House

Oct 8 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
San Diego, CA, at Casbah

Oct 9 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
Phoenix, AZ, at Rhythm Room

Oct 10 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
Albuquerque, NM, at Launch Pad

Oct 11 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
El Paso, TX, at Lowbrow Place

Oct 12 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
Dallas, TX, at Son Of Hermann Hall

Oct 13 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
Austin, TX, at The Mohawk

Oct 14 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
Houston, TX, at Fitzgerald's

Oct 15 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
Baton Rouge, LA, at Spanish Moon

Oct 21 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
Atlanta, GA, at Masquerade (Purgatory Stage)

Oct 23 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
Chapel Hill, NC, at Local 506

Oct 25 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
Washington, DC, at Rock N Roll Hotel

Oct 26 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
Hamden, CT, at The Space

Oct 27 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, w/Mono
Philadelphia, PA, at Kung Fu Necktie

Nov 30 -- "Now, Forager" and Chris Brokaw Solo
Seattle, WA, screening of "Now, Forager" at the Northwest Film Forum, Seattle, Washington. Chris will perform a short set of film music between the 7 and 9pm screenings; he and director Jason Cortlund will also do a Q and A. The film screens November 30-December 6.

Dec 1 -- "Now, Forager" and Chris Brokaw Solo
Bellingham, WA, screening of "Now, Forager" at the Pickford Center, Bellingham, Washington. Chris will perform a short set of film music between the 7pm and 9pm screenings; he and director Jason Cortlund will also do a Q and A. The film screens November 30-December 6.

Dec 7 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Seattle, WA, at Copper Gate, opening for TRANSMISSIONARY SIX. Garrett Hobba at 8pm, Chris at 9pm, Transmissionary Six at 10pm.

Dec 28 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Portland, OR, at The Living Room; Chris plays from 8pm to 12am in the lobby of the Living Room Theater, around the opening night of "NOW, FORAGER". Also a Q+A with Chris and directors Jason Cortlund + Julia Halperin. Movie review by Oregon Live. Two recent raves for the movie: "Now, Forager is a creative, experimental, and heartfelt film that I enjoyed every minute of. There's a texture to the film that is very personal and unique and I couldn't help but remarking when I left the theater, 'No studio would EVER make this film, but they really ought to.' It's really what independent filmmaking is all about--telling stories people aren't telling in ways that no one would pay for them to be told. --Mike Birbiglia and "*** 1/2, Outstanding, Two Thumbs Up. The images of wild mushrooms by Cortlund himself and the shots of food prep by cinematographer Jonathan Nastasi, approach art." --Roger Ebert


[last updated January 2, 2013]

chris and geoff
chris and geoff farina.

chris brokaw solo
CHRIS began playing solo in late 1999. initially, the shows were for solo electric guitar and tambourine, but he eventually added vocals, and finally switched to acoustic guitar in 2002. chris also performed in 2005 and 2006 with the CHRIS BROKAW ROCK BAND featuring jeff goddard (ex-karate) on bass and kevin coultas (ex-rodan) on drums, and in 2011 with elisha wiesner (kahoots) on bass and sal esposito (kahoots) on drums. chris' solo records include "red cities" (2002), "wandering as water" (2003), "my confidante + 3" (2004), "i was born, but. . ." original film score (2004), "incredible love" (2005), the "forestry" EP (2007), "canaris" (2008), "gracias, ghost of the future" (2009), "vdsq solo acoustic volume three, and "stories" (2011).

chris brokaw and geoff farina
chris and GEOFF FARINA (ex-karate) have been performing together since late 2006. their "THE ANGEL'S MESSAGE TO ME" is an album comprised almost entirely of pre-WWII blues songs. it was released on damnably records in the uk + europe march 18 2010 and in the US on chris's label CAPITAN RECORDS on april 27 2010. their cd "THE BOARDER'S DOOR" was released in the autumn of 2010.

chris has collaborated with HUGO RACE (ex-bad seeds) and CHRIS ECKMAN (ex-walkabouts) as DIRTMUSIC since in 2007, when they recorded their first album in prague, later released in late 2007 on GLITTERHOUSE RECORDS. their "IN THE DESERT" is a live recording of dirtmusic performing and rehersing in essakane and bamako, mali, at january 2008's FESTIVAL AU DESERT. the band returned to mali in january 2009 for 2 weeks to record "BKO" for glitterhouse records. they were joined in the studio by members of the malian band TAMIKREST. "BKO" and the limited edition "TENT SESSIONS" were released in 2010.

chris has toured with evan in the us and europe in recent years, opening shows with solo sets and accompanying evan during his performances. chris plays on evan's 2009 LEMONHEADS cd, "VARSHONS," released on The End Records. fellow lemonheads on this disc include JOHN PERRY, KATE MOSS, and LIV TYLER.

empty house cooperative
THE EMPTY HOUSE COOPERATIVE is a free-floating collective of musicians, spearheaded and masterminded by multi-instrumentalist DAVID MICHAEL CURRY (willard grant conspiracy, thalia zedek, will oldham, boxhead ensemble) and specializing in improvised music. the ehc has existed for over 12 years. recordings include the full-length cd "improvisational music" (2001) on hinah records in france, featuring a trio of curry, brokaw and cellist jonah sacks, and "painted plane" (2004). LANCHASHIRE + SOMERSET Records, of bishops castle, UK, will release ehc's vinyl debut in 2011. brokaw, curry and sacks performed with the american repertory theatre in march 2003, in the production of "highway ulysses."

2012_01_now forager poster image.jpg

stills from "NOW, FORAGER," a film scored by chris that debuted at the international film festival rotterdam in january 2012.

2012_01_now forager poster credits.jpg

"NOW, FORAGER" film poster credits


poster from feb 7 2012 show in roma, italy, at unplugged in monti