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Performing at Union Pool in Brooklyn, NY, Sept 2019. Photo by Kevin Bannon.


upcoming shows

November 2-8, 2019
Chris will be performing for the first time in Japan, traveling with former Come bandmate Thalia Zedek. Chris and Thalia will perform both solo sets and as a duo.

Nov 2 -- Chris Brokaw / Thalia Zedek
Tokyo, Japan, at UFO Club

Nov 3 -- Chris Brokaw / Thalia Zedek
Tokyo, Japan, at Nanahari

Nov 5 -- Chris Brokaw / Thalia Zedek
Osaka, Japan, at Socore Factory

Nov 7 -- Chris Brokaw / Thalia Zedek
Nagoya, Japan, at KD Japon

Nov 8 -- Chris Brokaw / Thalia Zedek
Kyoto, Japan, at Annie's Cafe

November 18-23, 2019
Charnel Ground's debut release came out in April, 2018. These will be the band's first shows in Europe. The band will be Kid Millions (drums), Douglas McCombs (bass), and Chris (guitars). Additional dates to be announced.

Nov 18 -- Charnel Ground
Lausanne, Switzerland, Le Bourg

Nov 20 -- Charnel Ground
Antwerp, Belgium, at Trix; details here

Nov 21 -- Charnel Ground
Brussels, Belgium, at Magasin 4

Nov 23 -- Charnel Ground
Brest, France, at Le Festival Invisible; details here

November 29-30, 2019 Bergen, Norway
Chris and Findlay//Sandsmark, a Norway-based performance company working in dance, theater, video art, and live music, recently developed a multimedia piece called "Florida (lowlands)." They presented the work in March, 2019, at Rimi/Imir SceneKunst in Stavanger, Norway, and at the Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival 2019. They return with two performances in Bergen, Norway.

Nov 29 -- Findlay Sandsmark "Lowlands" (CB guitar)
Bergen, Norway

Nov 30 -- Findlay Sandsmark "Lowlands" (CB guitar)
Bergen, Norway

December 12-21, 2019
Brokeback on this tour will be Doug McCombs, Pete Croke, Areif Sless-Kitain, and Chris Brokaw. Dates and venues tba.

February 27-March 10, 2020
Chris will be touring Italy and Switzerland for 2 weeks. Dates and venues tba.

March 14-25, 2020
Chris and Geoff last did a Living Room tour in 2016, after the release of their "All Out & Down" LP. Tour will be in the U.S. Dates and venues tba.

[last updated Oct 25, 2019]


Chris is proud to present his new solo LP "End Of The Night." It was released May 24, 2019 on VDSQ and tak:til/Glitterbeat.

"End of the Night" was conceived by Chris and Steve Lowenthal of VDSQ one evening while listening to records. Steve writes: "We agreed to listen to one more record, but what would it be? What music could answer that existential quandary of the perfect last record of the night at home? I instantly asked him to make me the very record we needed to hear at the moment."

Press for the record includes 4 stars from MOJO ("pensive mood-mastery"), 8 out of 10 from Uncut ("small group settings offer the perfect vehicles for Brokaw's flinty, deep-breathing guitar"), Dusted Magazine ("masterful restraint") and Presto Jazz ("Fans of Bill Frisell and Marc Johnson-style Americana should have a listen"). Read an interview Chris did for Gaesteliste magazine; read another interview he did with The Stranger.

The "Chris Brokaw 'End of the Night' Band" (Chris guitar; Lori Goldston cello; Greg Kelley trumpet; Luther Gray drums; Dave Abramson drums) Oct 10 2019, Seattle, Washington; video by Tim Cook

Collaborators on the album include Greg Kelley, Samara Lubelski, Lori Goldston, David Michael Curry, Luther Gray, Jonah Sacks, and Timo Shanko.


The album cover was drawn by renowned artist Sandy Dvore, who did album covers in the 1960s for Buffalo Springfield and Leonard Nimoy and title sequences in the 19702 for the TV show The Partridge Family and the movie Blacula. He composed this drawing after listening to Chris' album. See a large version of the cover.

Milo Jones directed the video of "Swimming, Tuesday", the first song from the album.

To buy the record, visit VDSQ (U.S., LP) or tak:til/Glitterbeat (Europe, CD and digital).

Listen to select tracks at Bandcamp. Listen to a radio show spotlighting the album; the show is called 'Sideways Through Sound' and is produced in Sydney, Australia.

Chris toured the U.S. for six weeks with THE LEMONHEADS May and June 2019, playing 34 shows. The band is Lee Falco on drums, Farley Glavin on bass, Chris on guitar and vocals, and Evan Dando on guitar and vocals. TOMMY STINSON (The Replacements) opened all shows.

Chris played guitar on the new Lemonheads record, "Varshons 2," which was released February 2019.

Chris and Findlay//Sandsmark, a Norway-based performance company working in dance, theater, video art, and live music, collabored on the development of a new multimedia piece called "Florida (lowlands)."

They presented the work in four shows in March, 2019, at Rimi/Imir SceneKunst in Stavanger, Norway, and at the Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival 2019. Details here about the project.

Chris composed the film score for the feature film "Buck Run," which had its world premiere at the Palm Springs International Film Festival in January, 2019. Watch the trailer here.

The movie is directed by Nick Frangione and stars James Le Gros. Variety says: "The drifting electric guitar of Chris Brokaw’s score further amplifies a timelessly melancholy air."

Chris's music for Peter Hutton, composed to be performed with the filmmaker's short films, was released in a limited edition on Tape Drift Records in 2018.

Lost in a Sea of Sound writes in a review: "There is difficulty in describing the tranquility of music. . . .In the case of this composition, Music for Peter Hutton, the energy behind it gave additional texture to the silent films of Peter Hutton. In the most beautiful fashion, Chris Brokaw has accomplished what these words try to do, taking creativity not initially meant for an ancillary descriptive medium, beyond its own existence."

Also in 2018, Chris reworked/remixed a recent film score piece for compilation VIII on ALREADY DEAD TAPES of Kalamazoo, Michigan. It was released August 31. Details here.

The debut LP of Charnel Ground was released April 6, 2018. Charnel Ground are Chris Brokaw (guitars), Kid Millions (drums) and James McNew (bass).

Spin says: "Charnel Ground’s real treasure is its 18-minute album-closing title track, the kind of elegantly sprawling feedback jam that often crops up near the end of a Yo La Tengo album. Brokaw plays with real tenderness as McNew and Millions patiently keep time behind him—a reminder that improvised noise rock, when played well, is fully capable of touching your heart as well as melting your face." For sale here!


In December 2017, OMENTUM RECORDS of Pittsburgh released Chris' 2008 CD "CANARIS" on vinyl (black plus limited edition goldenrod). New liner notes were written by Steve Lowenthal (VDSQ) and Wlad Drakkstein (Vlad Tepes). For sale here!

In November, 2017, Chris released THE HAND THAT WROTE THIS LETTER, a cd of instrumental classical guitar versions of David Bowie and Prince songs.



Read an interview Chris gave with Carsten Wohlfeld for Westzeit Magazine about the cd. For sale here!

"BARRACUDA," a feature film by Julia Halperin and Jason Cortlund with a film score by Chris, had its US release on October 6, 2017.

The movie was nominated for the SXSW Gamechanger Award and the SXSW Grand Jury Award at the SXSW Film Festival 2017. It won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Narrative Feature at the Oak Cliff Film Festival.

See the Hollywood Reporter review and what the filmmakers say about the movie.

Barracuda Poster

The feature film 'Barracuda' has a film score by Chris (see this poster full size)

BARRACUDA is available in the US on video on demand from cable/satellite providers as well as from digital streaming services including Amazon, iTunes (US & Canada), Kanopy, Google Play, Vudu, Fandango Now, and Hoopla.

In a duo with Jimena Bermejo, Chris performed new work for slide guitars and dance in a 2017 program that was part of the MOBIUS SUMMER SERIES. Watch their performance here.

Chris and Jimena also performed in 2018 in Belfast and in Massachusetts. They will be presenting new work in August 2019.


recent releases


CHRIS BROKAW "END OF THE NIGHT" lp and cd -- VDSQ and tak:til/Glitterbeat, May 24, 2019 -- Chris and Steve Lowenthal came up with the idea for this album: creating the perfect last record of the night to listen to at home. Read recent press as well as Chris' comments about the album's evolution. The album includes special guests Greg Kelley, Samara Lubelski, Lori Goldston, David Michael Curry, Luther Gray, Jonah Sacks, and Timo Shanko. Cover art is by famed artist Sandy Dvore (Buffalo Springfield, The Partridge Family) and the first video from the record was directed by Milo Jones. It's for sale at VDSQ (U.S., LP) and tak:til/Glitterbeat (Europe, CD and digital).


LEMONHEADS "VARSHONS 2" cd and lp -- Fire Records, February, 2019 -- As with "Varshons 1," this album is a set of covers of songs by 13 artists, including Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Lucinda Williams, The Jayhawks, and The Bevis Frond. Chris played guitar on the album, including the lead off track, "Can't Forget" by Yo La Tengo. Track list here. The band played Europe January and February 2019 and the U.S. in May and June 2019 with Chris on guitar and vocals.


"CHARNEL GROUND" lp -- 12XU, April 6, 2018 -- Charnel Ground's debut release was recorded in Brooklyn, NY, and features Kid Millions (Oneida/Boredoms) on drums, Chris on electric guitar, and James McNew (Yo La Tengo) on bass + organ. Listen on bandcamp. “'The High Price' is a total rager, with Kid and McNew laying down a demonic beat and Brokaw coughing up shards of glorious riffage and white-hot feedback,” says Doom and Gloom from the Tomb. “But the album isn’t all thrash-and-burn. 'Playa del Ticia' and 'Skeleton Coast' are both sunshine-infused pop numbers. Best of all is the closing self-titled epic, with the band finding an elevated plane of sonic conversation over the course of nearly 18 wonderfully transporting minutes.” A download code is included with the LP. For sale here!


CHRIS BROKAW "THE HAND THAT WROTE THIS LETTER" cd -- Capitan Records, November 28, 2017 -- When a friend asked Chris to play at her wedding in 2016, Chris asked her for requests -- and she said David Bowie and Prince. Chris turned some of their songs into classical guitar instrumentals, performed a few at the wedding, began playing them obsessively at home, and decided to make an album. This CD, 014 on Chris' Capitan Records label, was recorded by Claudia Groom October/November 2016 in Seattle, Washington, and mastered by Matthew Barnhart in Chicago, Illinois. For sale here!


CHRIS BROKAW "CANARIS" lp -- Omentum Records, December 9, 2017 -- This is an LP reissue/remaster of Chris' 2008 CD. Available in GOLDENROD or BLACK vinyl. New art and liner notes by Steve Lowenthal (VDSQ) and Wlad Drakkstein (Vlad Tepes). For sale here!

The New Year 2017

THE NEW YEAR "SNOW" cd and lp -- Undertown, April 28, 2017 -- "Snow" is the band's first album in nine years. It features Matt and Bubba Kadane on guitars, Mike Donofrio on bass, and Chris on drums. Pitchfork calls the album "a spare, deliberate record, judiciously paced and artfully arranged. With its wide-open vistas and vast expanses of negative space, the album lays claim to the territory the band staked out 25 years back while managing to turn over a couple new leaves." See a video of the title track "Snow". THE NEW YEAR website has other reviews and purchasing info.

Chris November 2017

Chris, November 2017, by Thalia Zedek