chris brokaw

chris at bowery ballroom, new york city, dec 13, 2010, opening for liz phair
chris at bowery ballroom, new york city, dec 13, 2010,
opening for liz phair.

2011 shows

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brooklyn, ny, at the rock shop, as part of JENNIFER O'CONNOR's monthly series, w/TIM FOLJAHN and AMY BEZUNARTEA

jan 22 -- chris brokaw solo
pittsburgh, pa, at lili coffee house, 9pm, FREE (donation

jan 23 -- chris brokaw solo
chicago, il, at reckless records (wicker park store, 1532 n. milwaukee ave), 6:30pm, FREE, w/special guest MATTHEW MULLANE

march 26 -- chris brokaw solo
seattle, wa, at porchlight coffee, with ALLEN KARPINSKI

april 6 -- chris brokaw solo
cambridge, ma, at tt the bears, opening for MIKE WATT AND THE MISSING MEN and THE DIRTY DISHES

april 7 -- world premiere of SOSPIRA
boston, ma, at the boston center for the arts, world premiere of SOSPIRA, a new film by lana z. caplan, soundtrack by chris brokaw and animal hospital - 8:30pm

april 14 -- come
cambridge, ma, at oberon, following the TRANIWRECK burlesque show

april 16 -- come
brooklyn, ny, at bell house, w/11TH DREAM DAY + D. CHARLES SPEER (village voice review)

april 21 -- wrekmeister harmonies (jr robinson, chris brokaw, mark shippy, jeff whitehead, jamie fennelly)
chicago, il, at the hideout

april 23 -- the martha's vineyard ferries
chicago, il, at the hideout, w/STNNNGG, THE GARY, WEREWORM; ferries info and music; chicago reader preview

april 24 -- the martha's vineyard ferries
madison, wi, at high noon saloon, w/STNNNGG, THE GARY, WEREWORM

april 25 -- the martha's vineyard ferries
milwaukee, wi, at cactus club, w/STNNNGG, THE GARY, WEREWORM

april 26 -- the martha's vineyard ferries
chicago, il, at quenchers, w/BOTTOMLESS PIT, STNNNGG, THE GARY, WEREWORM,

chris brokaw (solo), mark mcguire, allen karpinski, joshua blatchely, and matthew mullane, who all have solo records on the record label VDSQ (reviews and samples).

may 1 -- chris brokaw solo & VDSQ revue
seattle, wa, at rendezvous

may 3 -- chris brokaw solo & VDSQ revue
san francisco, ca, at hemlock tavern

may 4 -- chris brokaw solo & VDSQ revue
los angeles, ca, at show cave (preview story)

may 5 -- chris brokaw solo & VDSQ revue
san diego, ca, at tin can alehouse

may 6 -- chris brokaw solo & VDSQ revue
visalia, ca, at howie and sons

may 7 -- chris brokaw solo & VDSQ revue
oakland, ca, at mama buzz

may 8 -- chris brokaw solo & VDSQ revue
portland, or, at the woods


may 16 -- chris brokaw solo
lausanne, switzerland, at la couronne d'or

may 17 -- chris brokaw solo
lyon, france, at le sonic

may 18 -- chris brokaw solo
strasbourg, france, at hall des chars w/JULIE DOIRON + STRANDED HORSE

may 21 -- chris brokaw solo
karlsruhe, germany, at die stadtmitte, w/THE FORGETTERS

may 22 -- chris brokaw solo
oberhausen, germany, at riwelho e.v.


may 24 -- chris brokaw and hugo race
langenau, germany, at cafe kapilio

may 25 -- chris brokaw and hugo race
zurich, switzerland, at el lokal

may 27 -- chris brokaw and hugo race
leinfelden, germany, at edenless bar

may 28 -- chris brokaw and hugo race
stuttgart, germany, at laboratorium

june 3 -- chris brokaw solo
gent, belgium, house concert

june 10 -- chris brokaw solo
hartford, ct, at arch street tavern, w/guests TBA

june 11 -- chris brokaw solo
jamaica plain, ma, at the midway cafe, 2PM show, w/RICHARD MIRSKY in HEAVY SIRIP and 5-POINT

june 12 -- chris brokaw solo
montpelier, vt, house concert

july 24 -- chris brokaw solo
seattle, wa, at tiger lounge, w/ terrie tarantula

july 28 -- chris brokaw solo
somerville, ma, at pa's lounge, with reports + cold taxi + more tba

july 31 -- chris brokaw in conversation
cambridge, ma, at toad: "This Has Been A Disaster, Thanks For Having Us" - steve almond and ryan walsh grill chris about his travails in show business

august 5 -- chris brokaw solo + kahoots
edgartown, ma, at the seafood shanty, performing solo and with kahoots

aug 14 -- chris brokaw solo. . . and DJing
seattle, wa, at madison park conservatory: chris will be spinning records and playing guitar at TAKO TRUK, a weekly summer event across from madison park beach, 4-8pm. recent featured tacos include local albacore, octopus ceviche, coco-piggy, succatash, and beef cheek!! FREE EVENT ~

sept 11 -- chris brokaw solo
seattle, wa, at tractor tavern, opening for CENTROMATIC and HELIGOATS

oct 1 -- chris brokaw solo
vancouver, bc, at BLIM, w/guests tba

oct 7 -- chris brokaw solo
chicago, il, at saki; chris will be performing at the opening reception for "dmitry samarov: music and baseball". the event is free and goes from 7-10pm. more details: and

oct 8 -- chris brokaw solo
kalamazoo, mi, at the no fun house, w/guests tba


oct 11 -- chris brokaw solo
gent, belgium, at kinky star

oct 12 -- chris brokaw solo
oberhausen, germany, house concert

oct 13 -- chris brokaw solo
dortmund, germany, at subrosa

oct 14 -- chris brokaw solo
bruges, belgium, at ontmoetingsruimte villa bota (details)

oct 15 -- chris brokaw solo
sint truiden, belgium, at chambre d'amis

oct 17 -- chris brokaw solo
milan, italy, at arci cicco simoneta

oct 18 -- chris brokaw solo
baden, switzerland, at trotamundos

oct 19 -- chris brokaw solo
zurich, switzerland, at dynamo,opening for combine harvester

oct 21 -- chris brokaw solo
gaildorf, germany, at kulturkneipe haberlen


oct 26 -- chris brokaw and geoff farina
sevilla, spain, at teatro central

oct 27 -- chris brokaw and geoff farina
vigo, spain, at mondo club

oct 28 -- chris brokaw and geoff farina
oviedo, spain, at la antigua estacion

oct 29 -- chris brokaw and geoff farina
bilbao, spain, at azkena

oct 30 -- chris brokaw and geoff farina
barcelona, spain, at moog

oct 31 -- chris brokaw and geoff farina
vic, spain, at jazz cava

nov 1 -- chris brokaw and geoff farina
lyon, france, at switch [canceled]

nov 2 -- chris brokaw and geoff farina
nurnberg, germany, at K4

nov 3 -- chris brokaw and geoff farina
freiburg, germany, swamp

nov 4 -- chris brokaw and geoff farina
karlruhe, germany, at gold

nov 5 -- chris brokaw and geoff farina
fulda, germany, at kulturkeller

nov 6 -- chris brokaw and geoff farina
frankfurt, germany, ponyhof

nov 7 -- chris brokaw and geoff farina
belgium, TBA

nov 8 -- chris brokaw and geoff farina
belgium, TBA

nov 9 -- chris brokaw and geoff farina
liege, belgium, at cercle du laveu

nov 10 -- chris brokaw and geoff farina
cologne, germany, at king georg

nov 11 -- chris brokaw and geoff farina
berlin, germany, at madame claude

nov 12 -- chris brokaw and geoff farina
leipzig, germany, at conne island

more dates tba

nov 30 -- chris brokaw solo
olympia, wa, backstage at capitol theater, w/SCOUT NIBLETT

dec 1 -- chris brokaw solo
seattle, wa, at comet tavern, w/SCOUT NIBLETT

dec 2 -- chris brokaw solo
eugene, oregon, at sam bonds, w/SCOUT NIBLETT

dec 6 -- chris brokaw solo
nashville, tn, at the 5 spot

dec 30 -- chris brokaw band
cambridge, ma, at the plough and stars; world debut of chris brokaw full rock band, with chris on guitar, ELISHA WIESNER on bass and SAL ESPOSITO on drums; w/ Thalia Zedek Band and Tim Foljahn

dec 31 -- chris brokaw band
martha's vineyard, ma, at the pitstop in oak bluffs; lineup includes KAHOOTS, CHRIS BROKAW BAND, THE TAXIDERMISTS, THE LOOGIES, NINA VIOLET, and many more....all ages, mayhem. 2012!!!!

you can also visit chris at

[last updated january 17, 2012]

chris and geoff

chris and geoff farina.

chris brokaw solo
CHRIS began playing solo in late 1999. initially, the shows were for solo electric guitar and tambourine, but he eventually added vocals, and finally switched to acoustic guitar in 2002. chris also performed in 2005 and 2006 with the CHRIS BROKAW ROCK BAND featuring jeff goddard (ex-karate) on bass and kevin coultas (ex-rodan) on drums. chris' solo records include "red cities" (2002), "wandering as water" (2003), "my confidante + 3" (2004), "i was born, but. . ." original film score (2004), "incredible love" (2005), the "forestry" EP (2007), "canaris" (2008), "gracias, ghost of the future" (2009), and "vdsq solo acoustic volume three".

chris brokaw and geoff farina
chris and GEOFF FARINA (ex-karate) have been performing together since late 2006. their "THE ANGEL'S MESSAGE TO ME" is an album comprised almost entirely of pre-WWII blues songs. it was released on damnably records in the uk + europe march 18 2010 and in the US on chris's label CAPITAN RECORDS on april 27 2010. their cd "THE BOARDER'S DOOR" was released in the autumn of 2010.

chris has collaborated with HUGO RACE (ex-bad seeds) and CHRIS ECKMAN (ex-walkabouts) as DIRTMUSIC since in 2007, when they recorded their first album in prague, later released in late 2007 on GLITTERHOUSE RECORDS. their "IN THE DESERT" is a live recording of dirtmusic performing and rehersing in essakane and bamako, mali, at january 2008's FESTIVAL AU DESERT. the band returned to mali in january 2009 for 2 weeks to record "BKO" for glitterhouse records. they were joined in the studio by members of the malian band TAMIKREST. "BKO" and the limited edition "TENT SESSIONS" were released in 2010.

chris has toured with evan in the us and europe in recent years, opening shows with solo sets and accompanying evan during his performances. chris plays on evan's 2009 LEMONHEADS cd, "VARSHONS," released on The End Records. fellow lemonheads on this disc include JOHN PERRY, KATE MOSS, and LIV TYLER.

empty house cooperative
THE EMPTY HOUSE COOPERATIVE is a free-floating collective of musicians, spearheaded and masterminded by multi-instrumentalist DAVID MICHAEL CURRY (willard grant conspiracy, thalia zedek, will oldham, boxhead ensemble) and specializing in improvised music. the ehc has existed for over 12 years. recordings include the full-length cd "improvisational music" (2001) on hinah records in france, featuring a trio of curry, brokaw and cellist jonah sacks, and "painted plane" (2004). LANCHASHIRE + SOMERSET Records, of bishops castle, UK, will release ehc's vinyl debut in 2011. brokaw, curry and sacks performed with the american repertory theatre in march 2003, in the production of "highway ulysses."

poster jennifer oconnor show

jan 2011 poster of jennifer o'connor show in brooklyn.

2011_05 VDSQ-SD.jpg

VDSQ in San Diego, May 5 2011

2011_05 VDSQ-SanDiego-Naked.jpg

and another poster for VDSQ in San Diego, May 5 2011!

2011_06 Hartford_200.jpg

2011_10 vancouver-300.jpg