chris brokaw


2018 shows

Jan 7, 2018 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Cambridge, MA, at ZUZU; electric guitar brunch, 12-2pm, free

Italy, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal

New cd "The Hand That Wrote This Letter" out November 2017 on Capitan.

Jan 11, 2018 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Cornuda (Treviso), Italy, at Tipoteca Italiana

Jan 12 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Milano, Italy, at Volume Vinyl and Music Shop

Jan 13 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Bologna, Italy, at Efesto

Jan 14 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Firenze, Italy, house show

Jan 15 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Ravenna, Italy, at Fargo

Jan 17 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Brussels, Belgium, venue TBA

Jan 18 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Lille, France, at Le Caf&Diskaire

Jan 19 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Metz, France, at Cafe Du Lancieue

Jan 20 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Paris, France, at Les Instants Chavires

Jan 21 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Rennes, France, at Alaska Brocante et snack; details here

Jan 23 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Brest, France, (afternoon), at Bad Seeds Record Store

Jan 23 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Brest, France, (evening) at Le Mouton A Cinq Pattes

Jan 24 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Rouen, France, at Le 3 Pieces

Jan 25 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Nantes, France, at Cafe de la Rabine

Jan 26 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Lyon, France, at Le Bal des Fringants

Jan 27 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Pau, France, at La Ferronniere

Jan 28 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Elgoibar, Spain, at Casa de Kultura

Jan 31 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Oviedo, Spain, at La Lata de Zinc

Feb 2 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Lugo, Spain, at Clavicembalo

Feb 3 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Vigo, Spain, at Radar

Feb 4 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Braganca, Portugal, at Casa de Seda

Feb 5 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Vila Real, Portugal, at Club de Vila Real

Feb 6 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Porto, Portugal, at Maus Habitos

Feb 7 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Zamora, Spain, at Avalon

Feb 8 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Don Benito, Spain, at Rincon Pio Sound

Feb 9 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Madrid, Spain, at La Faena II

Feb 12, 2018 -- Lori Goldston / Chris Brokaw Duo
Cambridge, MA, at Lilypad, 7pm


Chris will be playing guitar with The Lemonheads on their 2018 Australian tour. These will be the band's first shows in two and a half years. Evan Dando and Chris will be singing and playing guitars, Farley Glavin playing bass, Mikey Jones playing drums. The dates include club shows and mini-festivals with other bands.

Feb 24 -- The Lemonheads
Hunter Valley, Australia, Bimbadgen Estate

Feb 25 -- The Lemonheads
Mt Cotton, Australia, at Sirromet Wines

Feb 28 -- The Lemonheads
Canberra, Australia, at Canberra Theater

March 1 -- The Lemonheads
Sydney, Australia, at Taronga Zoo

March 2 -- The Lemonheads
Wollongong, Australia, at Uni Bar

March 3 -- The Lemonheads
Perth, Australia, at Supreme Court Gardens

March 6 -- The Lemonheads
Melbourne, Australia, at The Curtain

March 7 -- The Lemonheads
Melbourne, Australia, at Corner Hotel

March 8 -- The Lemonheads
Adelaide, Australia, at The Gov

March 10 -- The Lemonheads
Relbia, Australia, at Josef Chromy Wines

March 11 -- The Lemonheads
Geelong, Australia, at Mt Duneed Estate

March 19 -- CBJB: Chris Brokaw and Jimena Bermejo
Somerville, MA, at PA's Lounge, THESOUNDOFYOURSCENE: moebius mayhem w/Zayde Buti, Tracy Chevrolet. and Milo Jones. Chris and Jimena perform guitars and dance; details here

March 22 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Brooklyn, NY, at Union Hall, Park Slope, w/Monotrope and Thurn + Taxis

Mar 29 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Cambridge, MA, at The Plough And Stars, 5pm to 6:30pm

Apr 10 -- Chris Brokaw Rock Band
Cambridge, MA, at Atwood's Tavern, w/Shepherdess; details here

May 4 -- Chris Brokaw Solo Electric
Brooklyn, NY, at Wonders of Nature, w/Robbie Lee

May 16 -- Chris Brokaw + Matthew Nolan present the films of Peter Hutton
Dublin, Ireland, at the Irish Film Institute. Experimental filmmaker Peter Hutton (1944-2016) is renowned for his silent cinematic portraits primarily of landscapes and cities. Chris and Dublin guitarist/composer Matthew Nolan will present some films in their original/silent state with others featuring new live scores for electric guitars and electronics. Event details here.

May 24 -- Chris Brokaw Rock Band
Providence, RI, at Machines with Magnets

May 16 -- Chris Brokaw Solo and the films of Peter Hutton
Stavanger, Norway, venue TBA.

[last updated April 23, 2018]


Chris' January-February 2018 European tour included dates in France.
(See this poster full size.)

chris brokaw solo
CHRIS began playing solo in late 1999. initially, the shows were for solo electric guitar and tambourine, but he eventually added vocals, and finally switched to acoustic guitar in 2002. chris also performed in 2005 and 2006 with the CHRIS BROKAW ROCK BAND featuring jeff goddard (ex-karate) on bass and kevin coultas (ex-rodan) on drums, and in 2011 with elisha wiesner (kahoots) on bass and sal esposito (kahoots) on drums. chris' solo records include "red cities" (2002), "wandering as water" (2003), "my confidante + 3" (2004), "i was born, but. . ." original film score (2004), "incredible love" (2005), the "forestry" EP (2007), "canaris" (2008), "gracias, ghost of the future" (2009), "vdsq solo acoustic volume three, "stories" (2011), "Gambler's Ecstasy" (2012), "'Now, Forager' Soundtrack" (2014), "The Periscope Twins" (2015), and "The Hand That Wrote This Letter (2017).

chris brokaw and geoff farina
chris and GEOFF FARINA (ex-karate) have been performing together since late 2006. their "THE ANGEL'S MESSAGE TO ME" is an album comprised almost entirely of pre-WWII blues songs. it was released on damnably records in the uk + europe march 18 2010 and in the US on chris's label CAPITAN RECORDS on april 27 2010. their cd "THE BOARDER'S DOOR" was released in the autumn of 2010. their newest LP, "ALL OUT & DOWN" was released in April 2016 (special tour edition) on Landland.

empty house cooperative
THE EMPTY HOUSE COOPERATIVE is a free-floating collective of musicians, spearheaded and masterminded by multi-instrumentalist DAVID MICHAEL CURRY (willard grant conspiracy, thalia zedek, will oldham, boxhead ensemble) and specializing in improvised music. the ehc has existed for over 12 years. recordings include the full-length cd "improvisational music" (2001) on hinah records in france, featuring a trio of curry, brokaw and cellist jonah sacks, and "painted plane" (2004). LANCHASHIRE + SOMERSET Records, of bishops castle, UK, will release ehc's vinyl debut in 2011. brokaw, curry and sacks performed with the american repertory theatre in march 2003, in the production of "highway ulysses."


Chris' CD covering Bowie and Prince songs
was released November 28 2017 on Capitan Records


The Lemonheads toured Austalia Feb-March 2018 for their first shows in two and a half years. The band featured Evan Dando and Chris singing and playing guitars, Farley Glavin playing bass, and Mikey Jones playing drums. The dates include these club shows plus mini-festivals with other bands.

Mobius at Distillery 2017

Mobius Summer Series, August 12, 2017 (see this poster full size)

MVF 2016

The Martha's Vineyard Ferries, Nov 28 2016

Chris and Thalia Oct 2017

Thalia Zedek and Chris Brokaw, October 24, 2017