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Chris' February 2022 "Winter of Our Discontent" Tour brought him to France along with Germany (Berlin), Netherlands (Rotterdam), and Belgium (Brussels).

2022 shows

Jan 2, 2022 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Facebook Live online show; watch it here

Feb 12 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Cambridge, MA, at The Lilypad, w/Sleepyhead and The Royal Arctic Institute. Chris will play a solo electric set and go on at 7:30. Details here

Chris Brokaw "Winter of Our Discontent" Tour
February, 2022

Chris is excited to travel to Berlin, Rotterdam, Brussels, and France. This follows an October 2021 tour of Italy for his first European dates since the pandemic began.

Feb 17 -- Chris Brokaw with Thalia Zedek
Berlin, Germany, at Wabe; Chris will be playing guitar in the Thalia Zedek Band, performing her album "Been Here And Gone"

Feb 19 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Rotterdam, Netherlands, at Koffie + Ambacht [CANCELED BECAUSE OF WEATHER/TRAVEL]

Feb 20 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Rotterdam, Netherlands, at Koffie + Ambacht [SECOND SHOW ADDED, 4 AND 8]

Feb 21 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Le Havre, France, at McDaid's

Feb 22 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Nantes, France, at Cafe du Cinema

Feb 23 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Lyon, France, at Sonic

Feb 24 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Brussels, Belgium, at Cafe Central

Feb 25 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Paris, France, at Petit Bain; details here

Feb 26 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Lille, France, at La Malterie

Feb 27 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
THIS SHOW HAS BEEN POSTPONED: Lausanne, Switzerland, at La Pharmacie

March 26 -- Chris Brokaw and Thalia Zedek
Barcelona, Spain, at Espai Jove Les Basses, as part of the Minifestival de Música Independent; details here

March 27 -- Chris Brokaw and Thalia Zedek
Lleida, Spain, at Cafe Del Teatro

April 7 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Brooklyn, NY at Littlefield, w/Savak and Upper Wilds

April 8 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Kingston, NY, at Tubby's, w/Savak and Cathedral Ceilings

April 9 -- Chris Brokaw Solo, Lupo Citta
Jamaica Plain, MA, at Midway Cafe, w/Savak. Lupo Citta is a trio with Jenn Gori, Sarah Black, and Chris; details here

April 15 -- Sunset To The Sea (Jeff Barsky + Chris Brokaw)
Cambridge, MA, at Blue Bag Records, w/Chris Guttmacher (solo) + Tyler and the Names. Cassette release show by SUNSET TO THE SEA, electric guitars + fx by Jeff and Chris in their first show in 8 years! Free show, music 8-10pm; details here

April 18 -- Come
Keene, NH, at Nova Arts, w/very special guest J MASCIS; details here

April 19 -- Come
Portland, ME, at Sun Tiki Studios; free show to celebrate Sun Tiki's 4th anniversary, w/The Bumbling Woohas & The Meddybemps; details here

April 22 -- Come
Los Angeles, CA, at 2220 Arts and Archives; tix for sale here

April 23 -- Come
San Francisco, CA, at Makeout Room

May 2 -- Lupo Citta
Cambridge, MA, at Charlie's Kitchen, w/Major Stars (Lupo Citta is a trio with Jenn Gori, Sarah Black, and Chris)

May 15 -- Ted Leo / The Majority Report, Live
Boston, MA, at The Wilbur Theatre; a live show of The Majority Report with Sam Seder (politics + comedy), featuring music by Ted Leo, with Chris in the band, and surprise political guest Al Franken; details here

May 19 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Brooklyn, NY, at The Opera House, w/ GROUPER (aka Liz Harris); tix here

May 27 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Cambridge, MA, at The Middle East, w/ Mess Esque (Dirty Three guitarist Mick Turner & Mckisko composer Helen Franzmann)

May 29 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Portland, ME, at Space, w/ Mess Esque (Dirty Three guitarist Mick Turner & Mckisko composer Helen Franzmann); details here

June 17 -- Chris Brokaw and Jeff Mueller
New Haven, CT, at Dexterity Press, advance tickets recommended (limited to 30 guests); Jeff was formerly in RODAN and is now in JUNE OF 44, and this is his first solo performance. Solo accoustic by both Chris and Jeff and maybe some songs together.

July 21 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Easthampton, MA, at Daily Operation, w/Weak Signal

Aug 18 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Portland, ME, at Sun Tiki Studios, w/ Rex; details here

Come Europe 2022 Tour
September-October 2022

Chris is thrilled to announce the first confirmed dates for COME playing in Europe this fall with the band's original line-up (Chris, Thalia Zedek, Arthur Johnson, and Sean O’Brien). More shows TBA.

Sept 29 -- Come
Brussels, Belgium, at Botanique

Sept 30 -- Come
Antwerp, Belgium, at Hetbos

Oct 1 -- Come
Dilksmuide, Belgium, at 4AD

Oct 2 -- Come
Rennes, France, at Des Pies Chicaillent

Oct 3 -- Come
Paris, France, at Petit Bain, w/Ventura

Oct 4 -- Come
Lyon, France, at Sonic

Oct 5 -- Come
Genova, Italy, at La Claque

Oct 6 -- Come
Bologna, Italy, at Freakout

Oct 7 -- Come
Mezzago, Italy, at Bloom

Oct 9 -- Come
Vienna, Austria, at Chelsea

Oct 10 -- Come
Prague, CZ, at Klub 007

Oct 12 -- Come
Copenhagen, Denmark, at Loppen

Oct 13 -- Come
Humble, Denmark, at Musik Efter

Oct 15 -- Come
Berlin, Germany, at Kantine

Oct 17 -- Come
London, England, at Cafe OTO

[last updated May 19, 2022]


Chris is thrilled to announce the first confirmed dates for COME in Europe in fall 2022 with the band's original line-up (Chris, Thalia Zedek, Arthur Johnson, and Sean O’Brien).

Chris' bands and projects

chris brokaw solo
Chris began playing solo in late 1999. His shows feature solo electric guitar and tambourine, vocals, and acoustic guitar. His solo records include "Red Cities" (2002), "Wandering as Water" (2003), "My Confidante + 3" (2004), the original film score "I was Born, But. . ." (2004), "Incredible Love" (2005), "Canaris" (2008), "VDSQ Solo Acoustic Volume Three" (2009), "Gambler's Ecstasy" (2012), "'Now, Forager' Soundtrack" (2014), "The Periscope Twins" (2015), "The Hand That Wrote This Letter" (2017), "The End Of The Night" (2019), and "Puritan" (2021). Since 2005, he has performed with the CHRIS BROKAW ROCK BAND with a variety of musicians. The current band is Chris, bassist Dave Carlson and drummer Pete Koeplin.

Chris recorded and performed with Come from 1991 through 1999, releasing a body of work on Sub Pop and Matador Records and performing around the world. Fire Records of London, England, has begun reissuing Come's entire catalog, a project that will run from 2021 to 2023. The band's original lineup has joined for a series of shows. A tour of Europe is planned for September-October 2022.

MVF is a punk rock trio of Elisha Weisner (Kahoots) on guitar + vocals, Bob Weston (Shellac + Mission of Burma) on bass + vocals, and Chris on drums + vocals. Their 2010 record, "IN THE POND" is a 4 song, 1-sided 12" ep, with etching on side 2 by their pal Rosie. Their 2013 "MASS GRAVE" lp and cd is on Kiam and African Tape Records. Their most recent relase is "Suns Out Guns Out" (2021). Listen and buy at Kiam and at MVF on Bandcamp.

chris brokaw and geoff farina
Chris and GEOFF FARINA (ex-Karate) have been performing together since late 2006. Their "THE ANGEL'S MESSAGE TO ME" is an album comprised almost entirely of pre-WWII blues songs. It was released on Damnably Records in the UK + Europe March 18 2010 and in the US on Chris's Label CAPITAN RECORDS on april 27 2010. It's for sale here. Their cd "THE BOARDER'S DOOR" was released in the autumn of 2010. Their LP "ALL OUT & DOWN" (2016) was re-released in a handmade/silkscreened edition with a new gatefold jacket in 2021.


The Lilypad is an intimate performance space in Inman Square, Cambridge, MA.


Lille, France, is part of Chris' February 2022 European tour.


Chris and Thalia will be performing a number of times together throughout 2022, including at the Barcelona Minifestival in March 2022.