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Codeine's 2024 touring took them to Australia and Mexico as well as Japan

2024 shows

Lupo Citta Record Release Shows!
Jan-Feb 2024

Lupo Citta -- a trio with Jennifer Gori, Sarah Black, and Chris Brokaw -- celebrates the release on Jan 12 2024 of their first LP, Lupo Città. Punk rock vibe, deceptively laid back, heavy groove. Read more at 12XU.

Jan 12, 2024 -- Lupo Citta
Brooklyn, NY, at 519 Evergreen, w/ Female Genius -- special Record Release Day show!

Jan 14 -- Lupo Citta
Allston, MA, at O'Brien's, w/Hidden Fountain, Killer Motorcycle, Pledge Pins

Jan 18 -- Lupo Citta
E. Providence, RI, at Myrtle, w/Dyr Faser + Exploding Zones

Jan 25 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
E. Providence, RI, at Myrtle, w/Allysen Callery + Avi Jacob

Feb 1 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Kingston, NY, at Tubby's, w/Alan Licht + Bill Nace

Feb 2 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Philadelphia, PA, at Brickbat Books, w/Cameron Healy

Feb 3 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Brooklyn, NY, at Record Grouch

Feb 6 -- Lupo Citta
Amherst, MA, at The Drake, w/Jon Spencer and the Hitmakers

Feb 10 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Winooski, VT, at The Monkey House, w/Anachronist (was going to be a Lupo Citta show, but Jen had the flu)

Martha's Vineyard Ferries 2024 Tour
March 2024

Martha's Vineyard Ferries will play 7 shows in March with Welsh warriors MCLUSKY; the Ferries are Elisha Wiesner (Kahoots), Bob Weston (Shellac, Volcano Suns, Mission of Burma), and Chris; read about McLusky in Pitchfork. Tix on sale now!

March 7 -- Martha's Vineyard Ferries
Brooklyn, NY, at Warsaw, with McLusky

March 8 -- Martha's Vineyard Ferries
Cambridge, MA, at the Sinclair, with McLusky

March 9 -- Martha's Vineyard Ferries
Philadelphia, PA, at Underground Arts, with McLusky

March 11 -- Martha's Vineyard Ferries
Pittsburgh, PA, at Spirit Hall, with McLusky

March 12 -- Martha's Vineyard Ferries
Toronto, ON, Canada, at Lee's Palace, with McLusky

March 13 -- Martha's Vineyard Ferries
Grand Rapids, MI, at The Pyramid Scheme, with McLusky

March 15 -- Martha's Vineyard Ferries
Chicago, IL, at The Vic, with McLusky

Codeine US Midwest & Canada Tour 2024
March 2024

Codeine continues their touring in support of "Dessau," a previously unreleased studio album from 1992. This mini tour brings the original band members -- Chris, Stephen Immerwahr, and John Engle -- to Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, and Montreal.

March 26 -- Codeine
Chicago, IL, at Empty Bottle; tickets here

March 27 -- Codeine
Detroit, MI, at Third Man; tickets here

March 28 -- Codeine
Toronto, ON, Canada, at Danforth Music Hall, w/Duster; tickets here

March 29 -- Codeine
Ottawa, ON, Canada, at Club Saw; tickets here

March 31 -- Codeine
Montreal, QC, Canada, as part of the Ceil Noir Fest, at L'Olympia, w/Duster; tickets here

April 6 -- Lupo Citta
Jamaica Plain, MA, at The Midway, record release show for Choo Choo La Rouge

Codeine Australia Tour 2024
April 2024

Codeine is thrilled to announce their first ever Australian tour, April 11-14, 2024. Special guests on all shows, A Broken Sail. Tickets available now:

April 11 -- Codeine
Adelaide, Australia, at The Cranker, w/A Broken Sale; tickets here

April 12 -- Codeine
Sydney, Australia, at The Underground, w/A Broken Sale; tickets here

April 13 -- Codeine
Melbourne, Australia, at Northcote Social Club, 1:30pm matinee, all ages, tickets here

April 13 -- Codeine
Melbourne, Australia, at Northcote Social Club, w/A Broken Sale (evening show); tickets here

April 14 -- Codeine
Brisbane, Australia, at Stranded, w/A Broken Sale; tickets here

Codeine Japan Tour 2024
April 2024

Codeine is beyond psyched to announce their first ever shows in Japan. The tour is presented by imakinn records. Tickets on sale now!

April 18 -- Codeine
Tokyo, Japan, at WWW X

April 19 -- Codeine
Kyoto, Japan, at GROWLY

April 20 -- Codeine
Nagoya, Japan, at Live Lounge VIO

April 21 -- Codeine
Tokyo, Japan, at SHELTER

April 22 -- Codeine
Tokyo, Japan, at Fever, tickets here

April 28 -- Lupo Citta
Allston, MA, at O'Briens, w/Early Day Miners

May 11 -- Codeine
Portland, ME, at Sun Tiki Studios, w/Perfect Hair; tickets here

Codeine Mexico Shows 2024
May 2024

Codeine is excited to present its first ever shows south of the border!

May 16 -- Codeine
Guadalajara, Mexico, at Foro Independencia, w/Grave/Mal -- Codeine's first show ever in Mexico! Ticket info

May 18 -- Codeine
Mexico City, Mexico, at F*ck Off Room, w/Grave/Mal. Ticket info

May 23 -- Lupo Citta
E Providence, RI, at Myrtle, w/Sour Punch

May 25 -- Lupo Citta
North Adams, MA, at Belltower Records

June 1 -- Lupo Citta
Warren, RI, at Upside Bar

June 7 -- Lupo Citta
Catskill, NY, at Avalon Lounge, w/Matt Hunter + The Dusty Fates

June 8 -- Chris Brokaw / Clint Conley / Winston Bramen / Pete Prescott
Cambridge, MA, at the Middle East; Chris, Clint, Winston, and Pete will play 3 Consonant and Mission of Burma songs as part of a Rock-n-Roll Benefit for Mark Erdody. Chris also will perform solo. Also on the bill: Jeff Mueller, Hilken Mancini, Gerard Cosloy, Seana Carmody, Mark Robinson, im Buni, and Cameron Keiber

June 16 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Montreal, Quebec, Canada, at La Sotterenea, w/Picastro + Jako

June 17 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Toronto, ON, Canada, at The Baby G, w/Picastro

June 22 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
Austin, TX, at The Mohawk, w/ Zoh Amba /Bill Orcutt / Chris Corsano

June 29 -- -- Lupo Citta
Somerville, MA, at Crystal Ballroom, w/Versus, Hallelujah the Hills, Mark Robinson, Flof!; benefit for WMBR and celebration of veteran dj Jon Bernhardt

July 12 -- Lupo Citta
Montpelier, VT, at Charlie O's, w/Anachronist

July 18 -- Lupo Citta
Brooklyn, NY, at Mama Tried, w/Female Genius

July 19 -- Lupo Citta
Baltimore, MD, at Holy Frijoles, w/Quattrasenta

July 20 -- Lupo Citta
Cambridge, MA, at The Lizard Lounge, w/Field Day (record release) and Tinkertown

July 25 -- Chris Brokaw Solo
East Providence, RI, at Myrtle, w/Paper Jays

Aug 16 -- Lupo Citta
Portland, ME, at Space, w/King Congo Powers & The Pink Monkey Birds, Red Herrings

Aug 17 -- Lupo Citta
Medford, MA, at Deep Cuts (7pm), w/King Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds, Red Herrings

Aug 18 -- Lupo Citta
Brooklyn, NY, at Union Pool, w/King Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds

Aug 30 -- Chris Brokaw Rock Band
Catskill, NY, at Avalon Lounge; the band will have Luther Gray on drums and Clint Conley on bass

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The Martha's Vineyard Ferries are Chris Brokaw, Bob Weston (Shellac + Mission of Burma), and Elisha Weisner (Kahoots). Photo on an actual Martha's Vineyard Ferry, March 7, 2024.

Chris' bands and projects

chris brokaw solo
Chris began playing solo in late 1999. His shows feature solo electric guitar and tambourine, vocals, and acoustic guitar. His solo records include "Red Cities" (2002), "Wandering as Water" (2003), "My Confidante + 3" (2004), the original film score "I was Born, But. . ." (2004), "Incredible Love" (2005), "Canaris" (2008), "VDSQ Solo Acoustic Volume Three" (2009), "Gambler's Ecstasy" (2012), "'Now, Forager' Soundtrack" (2014), "The Periscope Twins" (2015), "The Hand That Wrote This Letter" (2017), "The End Of The Night" (2019), and "Puritan" (2021). He occasionally performs as the CHRIS BROKAW ROCK BAND with a variety of musicians.

To quote The New Yorker: "During its original incarnation, in the early-nineties underground, the doom-laden New York band Codeine issued two LPs, “Frigid Stars” and “The White Birch.” Listen to Stephen Immerwahr’s dour poetry, John Engle’s tolling guitars, and Chris Brokaw’s glacial drumming, and picture falling snow." In 2022, a previously unheard session recorded between the two LPs, called "Dessau," was released by Numero Group. Codeine has returned to performing in 2023 to celebrate "Dessau." Follow Codeine on Instagram.

Chris recorded and performed with Come from 1991 through 1999, releasing a body of work on Sub Pop and Matador Records and performing around the world. Fire Records of London, England, is reissuing Come's entire catalog in a project running from 2021 to 2023. The band's original lineup of Chris (guitar and vocals), Thalia Zedek (guitar and vocals), Sean O'Brien (bass), and Arthur Johnson (drums) has reunited for shows to celebrate the reissues.

Formed in 2022, Lupo Citta is a punk rock trio of Jennifer Gori (drums and vocals), Sarah Black (guitar), and Chris Brokaw (guitar). The band recorded its first LP in January 2023 with Pete Weiss at Bluetone Studio, Somerville, and it was released on 12XU Records of Austin, Texas, in January 2024.

MVF is a punk rock trio of Elisha Weisner (Kahoots) on guitar + vocals, Bob Weston (Shellac + Mission of Burma) on bass + vocals, and Chris on drums + vocals. Their 2010 record, "IN THE POND" is a 4 song, 1-sided 12" ep, with etching on side 2 by their pal Rosie. Their 2013 "MASS GRAVE" lp and cd is on Kiam and African Tape Records. Their most recent relase is "Suns Out Guns Out" (2021). Listen and buy at Kiam and at MVF on Bandcamp.


Lupo Citta celebrated the release of their first LP, Lupo Citta, with a show in Brooklyn. Read more at 12XU.


Martha's Vineyard Ferries played 7 shows in March 2024 with Welsh warriors MCLUSKY; the Ferries are Elisha Wiesner (Kahoots), Bob Weston (Shellac, Volcano Suns, Mission of Burma), and Chris


In March 2024, Codeine continued their touring in support of "Dessau," a previously unreleased studio album from 1992. This mini tour brought the original band members -- Chris, Stephen Immerwahr, and John Engle -- to Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal.


Codeine went to Australia and Japan, for their first ever shows there, in April 2024! (See the Japan poster at the top of this page)


Codeine went to Mexico, for their first ever shows there, in May 2024!


“That night I was in Mission of Burma for three minutes. See, my hands are shaking.” —Chris, June 8 2024


Chris continued to play solo shows in 2024 — including Montreal, Toronto, and Austin in the course of a week


This poster for Lupo Citta / July 2024 features the artwork on their cool tshirts; shirts and other merch are for sale at Chris's Bandcamp store